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The Making of a Champion-Part 4

Posted Saturday, September 30, 2006 by webmaster

The making of a champion -part 4

So here we are.
We sit on top of the division,undefeated.
Are you ready for whats ahead?
Do you have what it takes to get this job done?
Do you understand that everyone is out gunning for us,that everyone wants to beat us.Are you ready?
Because if you want to be a CHAMPION,this is what it is all about.This is what every athlete who ever competed wants.A shot at wining a championship.
Teams are going to play their best games against you.Can you handle it?
Everyone wants to knock you off , can you accept that challenge?
Are you ready to play harder than you've ever played before?
Because this is the time that separates the best from the rest.
This is the time when you all learn that to be a champion you have to play as a champion.60 minutes of all out play.
Are you ready?Do you believe in yourself,your team-mates ,your coaches?

Champions always find a way to get it done.
They will stay on a ball until it is in the net.
They defend every corner like their teams life depends on it.
They dive to keep a loose ball in play.
They take strokes long after the day is done.
They make plays when the team needs them.
The tougher the situation the more they like it.
The harder the game ,the better they play.
They back each other up and never back down.
They cheer louder and support longer.
They tackle-back even when their exhausted.
They sprint back on defense and never let a ball through.
They mark tight,no one gets close to the cage.
They get up after they get knocked down,even when they can't.
They stick to the game when their hardest hit,because they know a Champion just won't quit!

So ask yourself this question.
Are you ready to be a CHAMPION?

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