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The making of a champion-part 3

Posted Thursday, September 28, 2006 by webmaster

The Making of a Champion -Part 3

If you were able to grasp the preceding parts then now you must move on to what we will call the seven basics components of a champion athlete.

1] Drive- A champion is driven.Drive provides the desire that carries an athlete to success.Dedicated athletes have a strong desire to improve, to compete and to win.No one gets to be the best without a burning desire to be the best.
2] Determination- Determination is what makes a champion.The rtefusal to quit or accept defeat,the persistence to try and try again.The willingness to practice long and hard.Champions are relentless in their efforts to improve.
3]Responsibility-Champions accept total responsibility for their actions.They recognize their mistakes and the need for change and improvement.They admit errors and will not blame others or make excuses.
4]Emotional Control-Champions can handle the pressure of competitive sports.They stay cool , adjust quickly and are not upset by bad breaks or bad calls.They deliver top performances regardless of the circumstances.
5]Mental Toughness-\Mental toughness is a big factor in athletic success.Winners can accept strong criticism and rigorous training from a demanding coach.They recover quickly from setbacks and don't fall apart when the going gets rough.
6]Conscientious-Champions have high standards of character.They have a deep sense of obligation and know a team must have discipline to be successful.They always put the welfare of the team first .
7] Team Player- It is amazing what can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit

Teamwork is what a championship team is all about.You don't play for individual glory.You play as a team because you love one another, and you don't want to let your team-mates down.

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