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The Making of a Champion Part One

Posted Sunday, September 24, 2006 by webmaster

What is a champion?-Websters New Collegiate Dictionarydefines a champion as "one who shows marked superiority".
There are not many words that could describe being a champion better than that.It has been said that champions aren't born ,they are made-one day at a time.This is what this column is all about..making a Champion
The quotes, keys and wisdom principals shared here will help us to always reach for the best in life and not settle for less;to stand out from the crowd and not accept mediocrity .
A tremendous amount of hard work and commitment went into this season.Weight-training, speed-training, clinics , futures , Nationals , Junior Olympics ,winter-league , summer league...winning did not start yesterday ,today or tomorrow...it doesn't start around you.It starts inside of you.
For this years team the seeds of this season were sewn in a tough semi-final loss at East Islip last year.For those who remember how difficult that loss was it, was not the end of a season but instead the beginning of another.
From the ashes of defeat burn the greatest fires of accomplishment.
Remember that this season ,just like life ,is a marathon not a 50 yard dash.The final victory will ultimately go to the team that just will not quit.
This is your time ,this is your moment...
Winning doesn't start around you- it begins inside of you

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